In this blog I’d like to share my experiences in dealing with various local businesses all across Michigan, and sort of build my own review site, where my readers can get more insight about various good businesses in the area.

The first industry I’d like to studying is the towing industry as I had couple of run-ins with these companies because I drive a 1999 Lincoln that has seen its days especially in the not so ideal road conditions of Michigan.

I was driving down south i75 the other day and I had some car issues, there was a noise coming from the radiator so I pulled over on the side of the road to find out what was going on.

I was in Troy, MI

As I pulled over to the side of the busy highway I noticed that the radiator was leaking and me not knowing much about cars and how they operate, I didn’t want to risk it and cause extra damage to the car so I called my father who works nearby and he really didn’t have a clue either.

So I was sort of stranded trying to decide whether I should just continue driving with this leak happening or I should just wait this one out and get a hold of a friend that knew more about cars.

After waiting for half an hour, and the day time getting darker, I decided to pull out my smart phone and call for a towing company and see if they could share with me some insight on what to do.

There was few companies and because I didn’t want to pay so much money to a company that was going to rip me off with towing I didn’t need, I looked long and hard for a reputable company.

The only way I knew how was to contact the company with the most positive reviews on Google, so that’s exactly what I did. As I did so, they answered and gave me a real honest opinion and that was that I would be fine with driving with a leaking radiator just take it to a auto shop nearby and they were kind enough to show me which exit was and it wasn’t too far from where I was.

This is what I call real customer service, they weren’t desperate to get my business or make money off of me and they were just there to help me.

I want to tell business owners that’s how you gain a customer for life. So that’s exactly what happened, I took note of their business name, and since then I had few more car issues occur and I had called this company every time.

So the insight I gained from this experience by watching myself and this insight I tell to my friends that run service based business is to not worry all the time about profit margins but about providing excellent customer service and building your repeat customer base.

This is exactly what I have done with my own business and it has done magic.

Stay tuned for more insightful blogs to come about towing niche in Michigan and other industries.